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These photos are of the fused glass tile work used for several of the '1% for Art Program' projects that the studio has done over the years. The tiles were fused out of colored glass and used to form a scene or imagery. Each tile was aprox. 6"x6" and then mounted into the area together to form the scene. A wonderful project that was very enjoyable to design and build.

Chugach High School scene
This is a scene of Cook Inlet near Anchorage Alaska. It was installed in the Chugiak High School Theater Lobby just north of Anchorage. It's size is 5' high and 22' long. The idea includes the motion of the viewer as they walk along side the piece, giving them a different view of the inlet as they move along.

Chugach High School detail view
This is a detail of the fireweed tiles.

This was a scene of the life cycle of the red salmon. It is a chronological telling of the life of the salmon from egg to the return spawn. This piece reached around the corner of a hallway in the Dillingham High School in Alaska. One can move along and view the changes in the life cycle.

Salmon-Run-Scene detail
This is a detail of the spawning red salmon.

Shorebirds Scene
This was also a piece that was installed in the Dillingham High School in Alaska. it is a depiction of the shore birds typical of the region around Bristol Bay. One can see the cormorants and puffins along with crustations in the tidal pools near the shore.
Also, dolphins swim in the background.

Shorebirds Scene detail
Here is a detail of the shorebirds piece.
One can see the puffins standing on the rock outcroppings

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