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Platter #4000102
Platter side view Rainbow Colors
Colors: Ruby (red), Peach, Topaz (yellow), Emerald (green), Amethyst (purple),
Cobalt (blue, light or dark), and Turquoise.


These beautiful platters are available in two sizes, either small or large. They are also available in all of the 'rainbow' colors. Please see the rainbow bowls thumbnail below for color selection. All of these pieces are signed and are completely hand blown. Each one of these platters is also designed with a base attached to give the platter 'lift' to allow better light to illuminate the piece. We can even add a color around the rim if you like.

  Sizes (diameter):

Small: 11"    
  Large: 16"    


Small:   $80     
Large: $150     

  Order #: 4000102

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